PAGE-Childrens Ministries



NURSERY -  Our Nursery care is available during both services on Sunday mornings. All of our Nursery workers are screened before they are allowed to serve. Our Nursery workers are also more than happy to serve whatever special needs you or your young one may have. Just let our workers know as you check them in. Our Nursery is open at 8:45 AM. The Nursery is located in the Christian Education Building, room #4.

PRESCHOOL - Our preschool department is made up of both our 2-3 year olds (meeting in CE Room #3) and our 4 year old-Kindergarten age children (meeting in CE Room #2). All workers for these ages are screened before they allowed to serve. Please let the teacher know if your child has any special needs or instructions that the staff needs to be aware of. The staff will be in their classrooms to receive students by 8:45 AM for the first service, and 10:45 AM for the second service.

ELEMENTARY - Our Elementary department is made up of our 1-3 grade children (meeting in CE Room #5) and our 4-5 grade children (meeting in CE Room #6) during the first service. Currently, both the boys and the girls in these classes meet together. During the second service time, we invite your child(ren) to join in a time of "children's worship" in CE Room #1. This is for children in grades 1-6. If your child has a special need that our staff needs to be aware of, please let the staff know that need, and we will be more than happy to accomodate.