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Created With Purpose

For what purpose have I been created? Have I been created for a purpose? How does God really view me? This month, TAC member Mike Mercer shares his insights on this subject. Enjoy! Pastor Bob

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Guest SpeakerComment

Sharri and I have been at the 2017 C&MA General Council this week, and the theme of the week has been FORWARD! What does this mean, and how does this relate to TAC? Click on the link to read more about my thoughts on this!

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But It Is So Beautiful!

I have been walking by this every morning on my way to the office: a Silybum Marianum, otherwise known as a Milk Thistle! (No, I did not intrinsically know this - I had to look it up!) It is now about three feet tall, and has pretty violet colored flowers and a lush green stalk and leaves. It is thriving! It is also deceptive!

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Set Your Mind!

I am wearing a little rubber bracelet on my right wrist. It says, "Pray for the TAC PNC." This is to remind me to regularly pray for our Pastoral Nominating Committee as they labor through the process of choosing our next lead pastor here at Trinity Alliance. I actually was amazed at the number of times I catch myself looking at this band, and I think of the people (and I actually can remember their names!) who are serving.

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